Macomb County residents who received threatening letter about fireworks ignore warning

Community hosts block party for 4th of July

CHESTERFIELD, Mich. – Residents of a Chesterfield Township subdivision who received letters threatening retaliation if they lit off fireworks are celebrating Fourth of July with a block party and fireworks.

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They decided to take a negative thing and make it positive by bringing the community together to enjoy the holiday and get to know each other. And despite threats written on an anonymous letter, neighbors plan to use fireworks Wednesday night.

"It's a celebration of our country, of being free. For someone to retaliate against that was kind of a slap in the face a little bit," Jeffrey Ricci said. "It's a community experience, get to know your neighbors and make a good thing out of a bad thing."

The letter from a neighbor in the Eagles Nest subdivision near 23 Mile Road and Gratiot Avenue said they work a 4 a.m. to 2 p.m. shift. The fireworks were so loud last year they could barely sleep, they wrote. They hope neighbors won't be setting off the explosions this year. 

Because of the threatening nature of the letter, police are increasing Fourth of July patrols as neighbors celebrate the holiday. 

" ... if this happens again this year, I don't care who had the party or lights the fireworks this year, I will make yours, and your neighbors' lives miserable for days and months to come. I will take my frustrations out on the whole Dove Lane block, and I'll keep the retaliations lasting forever," reads the letter. 

The residents are using the community event to raise money for St. Jude's.

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