Warren grandmother's truck stolen with dead son's hair, friend's ashes inside

Debbie Loughry pleads for thieves to return items

WARREN, Mich. – A Warren grandmother said thieves stole a truck from her driveway, and with it, two of her most prized possessions that can't be replaced.

"I need a vehicle," Debbie Loughry said. "It's been the core of my whole family for six years."

Loughry, 58, said she relied on the old Silverado to support her family of 10.

"Why would someone take my truck when there are so many new ones?" Loughry asked. "Because it was the easiest one to jack up?"

Loughry said she got home from work Friday night, and between midnight and 4 a.m. Saturday, the truck was taken from her driveway.

"It was right here," Loughry said. "To me, it's scary because they could've come into my house."

Her pastor sold her the truck years ago for just $700. She said what the thieves took can never be replaced.

"I kind of closed myself off," Loughry said. "(I'm) not feeling myself."

The pain of losing her son, Richard, to an overdose isn't something Loughry will ever forget. She said she kept a special keepsake in the truck.

"He was all about his hair, and when he passed away, it was in a little prayer box my sister-in-law bought for me," Loughry said. "I thought, 'Oh wow, perfect for his locks of hair.' For the last six years it's been hanging around my mirror."

She also kept the ashes of her best friend in the glove box and is hoping the thieves will return those mementos.

"Why can't you work for your own?" Loughry asked. "I work hard and I don't have anything. I have everything to me because material things don't count, but just give me back my personal stuff."

Click here to visit the GoFundMe page for the stolen truck.

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