Thieves steal lawn equipment used by nonprofit to help seniors, veterans, disabled in Detroit

Lawn Academy helps residents in need

DETROIT – Thieves stole thousands of dollars worth of lawn and snow removal equipment that young people use to assist Detroit seniors, veterans and disabled residents.

Cameras caught the thieves cutting locks early Wednesday and stealing $4,000 worth of items that teens with the Lawn Academy use to help the community by providing free lawn care and snow removal services to those who need it.

"I don't see it as equipment. I see it as tools to teach young men and women," organization founder Eric Miller said.

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The organization helps bridge the gap between young people and seniors and reverses the negative stereotypes of teenagers. Miller said the thieves took everything, but he believes they don't realize the significance of what they stole.

"It's a roadblock but guess what? By Monday morning, these young men will be out and doing what they do best," Miller said.

He isn't sure how they will get the job done without their supplies, but he said it will happen.

Donations can be made on the Lawn Academy's website or sent to The Lawn Academy at P.O. Box 14215 Detroit, MI 48214.

Contact the organization at ericmiller@lawnacademy.com or 888-380-5618.

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