Detroit Mercantile Co. owner charged with assault


DETROIT – Robert Stanzler, one of the co-founders of Made In Detroit was charged with assault Sunday after spitting on a security guard on July 17.

ORIGINAL STORY: VIDEO: Detroit Mercantile Co. owner spits on Eastern Market security guard over parking

A video from the day of the incident shows Stanzler spitting and using his middle finger during an altercation with Ibrahim Faison, a security guard in Eastern Market. 

According to prosecutors, Stanzler, who owns the Detroit Mercantile Co., was allegedly upset over parking. When Faison told Stanzler to discuss his complaints with the building owner, Stanzler flipped him off and spit on him. 

The altercation was captured on video and was shown to police. Stanzler was arrested, but was released later the same day.

Stanzler was charged Sunday with misdemeanor assault and battery.