Students return to Fitzgerald High School in Warren 2 days after girl stabbed to death in class

Tanaya Lewis accused of fatally stabbing Danyna Gibson

WARREN, Mich. – It's been a difficult week for students at Fitzgerald High School in Warren. Two days after a student was fatally stabbed during school hours, classes resumed at the building.

A memorial was held Thursday for Danyna Gibson, 16, who was stabbed to death by Tanaya Lewis, 17, during class, according to officials.

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Students were thinking about the stabbing as they returned to school Friday, as were parents in the drop-off line and teachers and staff members arriving at work.

Tiarra Griffin was in economics class Wednesday when she witnessed the stabbing. She said she wouldn't talk about it and couldn't bring herself to attend Thursday's memorial, adding she was concerned about returning to school Friday. She doesn't think the school is safe enough, but she said she doesn't want to go to a different school.

Mark Gilbert wasn't sure how he felt about returning to class, but he said he would stay at Fitzgerald High School.

"I honestly don't know," Gilbert said. "Yeah, I'm coming back next year."

Gilbert said he thinks the school is "more or less" safe.

"It could be a bit safer, but what can I say?" Gilbert said.

District officials made counselors available for the students if they need to talk to somebody about what happened. They also sent a letter to parents asking them to be on the lookout. In the letter, parents were told they can contact the Macomb County Crisis Center if their children need any additional support.

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