Mom says 7-year-old boy forced her 5-year-old son to perform sex act on Macomb County school bus

Woman says attack happened on way back from Jack Harvey Elementary School

MACOMB COUNTY, Mich. – A Macomb County woman said a 7-year-old boy forced her 5-year-old son to perform a sex act on him during the bus ride home from school.

"This is catastrophic," the woman said. "That is my 5-year-old child, my 5-year-old little boy."

She said the incident happened Wednesday afternoon while the bus was taking children home from Jack Harvey Elementary School.

Five students rushed off the bus and told the woman that a 7-year-old boy forced her son to perform a sex act on him from school to the stop, she said. The attack lasted 10 minutes, according to the boy's mother.

Other children on the bus told the woman they tried to help her son and alert the bus driver.

"I approached the driver," the woman said. "The driver says they did not witness anything at all. The driver left."

She took her son to the Sterling Heights Police Department. Forensic investigators got involved and a rape kit was administered, police said.

According to Local 4 legal analyst Neil Rockind, it's alarming that the bus driver didn't stop the bus when the mother brought up a possible sexual assault.

"We have certain rules related to mandatory disclosure," Rockind said. "We have laws that require people who have contact with children, when they receive information about sexual assault, to turn that information over immediately."

The boy's mother said police identified the elementary school student involved. She said the school is interviewing all the children who were on the bus.

"I am beyond devastated," she said. "I can't stop crying. You don't know what to do. This child ruined every sense of normality of going to school."

Here is a letter sent to parents by the principal:

"Dear Harvey Parents:

"I am writing to make you aware of an alleged incident that was reported to me regarding one of our school buses. The bus services the Sterling Estates community.

"We are working with the Sterling Heights Police Department to investigate this matter.  As is our established district protocol, the student involved is not in school.

"We are committed to keeping Harvey Elementary a safe place for students and staff. Please take this opportunity to speak with your child, letting them know that we will not tolerate any behavior that is threatening or inappropriate.


"Laurie Pritchard"

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