Sterling Heights Walmart forced to evacuate after man points knife at person in layaway line

Suspect, victim flee scene

STERLING HEIGHTS, Mich. – A Walmart in Sterling Heights was forced to evacuate after a disturbance occurred in the layaway line on Monday. 

The Walmart is located on Van Dyke Avenue between 14 Mile Road and 15 Mile Road in Sterling Heights, near the Warren border.

According to police, the store was forced to evacuate after two people in the layaway line got into an argument. One man pulled out a knife and pointed it at the other person, police said.  There were no injuries reported.

Police said someone in the store panicked over the fight and pulled an alarm. Both the suspect and the victim fled the store. 

Employees of the store say the evacuation lasted for about 20-minutes. There was a lot of panic and confusion among customers during the evacuation. In the first few minutes those inside the Walmart admit fear set in when so many people started running. 

Casy Staheli, a spokesperson for Walmart said the store is working with law enforcement to help identify the people involved. 


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