Study: Michigan has the worst roads in the US

DETROIT – Michigan has the worst roads in the U.S., according to a study.

lvl5, a company that creates HD maps for self-driving cars, recently released a list of the states with the best and worst roads. 

The study, released in Oct. 2018, found that Michigan has the worst roads, while Florida has the best.

The company logged more than five million miles of driving data around the country. Here's more on the methodology: "The methodology for ranking these videos included randomly selecting video frames from the videos (in total, 15 million frames sampled), and excluding all but the surface of the road from predictions by a neural network. Their neural network measures quality in four distinct areas: road paint fading, pavement cracking, potholes, and surface flatness. The data was normalized by frame density, and filtered to remove areas with not enough data."

After Michigan, Iowa, Indiana, Ohio and Kansas rounded out the top five for worst roads. Florida, Hawaii, Washington, Virginia and Tennessee finished atop. 

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