Video shows man punching, knocking woman to ground after Warren road rage incident

Man cuts woman off in traffic

WARREN, Mich. – Video captured the moment a man punched a woman in the head after a Warren road rage incident.

Shantelle Waltz said she was driving home Thursday morning when a man in a red Dodge Durango cut her off in traffic at the intersection of Hoover and 10 Mile roads.

"So I had to hit my brake, and I throw my hands up like, 'What the hell?' Waltz said. "He flicked me off in the rear view mirror."

Waltz said the man slowed as they turned onto Stephens Road and rolled down his window.

"He's like, 'B**** pull over, I'm not afraid to hit a female,'" Waltz said.

She said she turned down another street to get away from the man. She thought she lost him, but she saw him when she got close to her house.

Video footage showed the Durango driving by. Waltz pulled to the side of the road, and the man parked and walked toward her vehicle.

"I get out of my truck and say, 'Dude, what did I do wrong?'" Waltz said.

As she as asked her question, the man punched her in the head, knocking her down. The video showed the man walking calmly away from the scene.

Waltz said she knows she shouldn't have gotten out of her truck, but that her getting out doesn't justify what the man did to her.

Police have the video of the incident, and they are investigating.