Polar vortex 2019: Windsor residents seem unfazed by brutal cold

Schools remain open in subzero weather

WINDSOR, Ontario – Wednesday's brutal cold forced schools, government offices and businesses to close in Detroit, but it was a different story just across the river.

Windsor residents were out and about despite the subzero wind chills that put a freeze on many activities in the U.S.

According to Scott Scantlebury, with the Greater Essex County District School Board, Canadians expect the cold, and closing school for weather is unheard of.

"It would have to be really an extreme situation (to close for weather)," he said.

Scantlebury said he thinks there's a disconnect between how Canadians embrace the cold and how their Detroit neighbors will the cold away.

"Canadians, I think we're a little bit more psychologically prepared and understanding," he said.

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