Rep. Debbie Dingell: My heart is broken. My true love is gone.


Michigan Rep. Debbie Dingell made a mournful social media post Friday morning, the morning after her husband, John Dingell, died at age 92.

"To all our friends. My heart is broken. My true love is gone. The tears are flowing pretty freely as I miss the man that made me whole. One can know it is coming, but nothing prepares you for the hole in your heart. He was my one and only true love. Know he loved everyone of you And was proud to call you friend. D2," reads Debbie Dingell's statement Friday morning.

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It was revealed Wednesday that John Dingell was in hospice care, and his wife tweeted that she missed the State of the Union to be with him.

"Friends and colleagues know me and know I would be in Washington right now unless something was up," she tweeted. "I am home with John and we have entered a new phase. He is my love and we have been a team for nearly 40 years. I will be taking each day as it comes. We thank people for their friendship and support and ask for prayers and privacy during this difficult time."

His family confirmed Thursday night that he died.

Debbie Dingell's Friday morning post to Facebook included a quote attributed to Marcus Tullius Cicero, the Roman statesman.

"The life of the dead is placed in the memory of the living."

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