VIDEO: Man saved trying to retrieve items from sinking truck on frozen Michigan lake

Incident happened at Lexington Harbor on Lake Huron


LEXINGTON, Mich. – An ice fisherman was pulled from a sinking truck Saturday morning in Lexington. 

Witnesses said the man was drunk.

Video shows the man trying to get inside the truck, which was sinking after falling through lake ice, to retrieve items inside.

"It's not worth dying for, man," said one of the men who pulled him from the truck.

He was pulled from the water onto the ice dramatically as the truck became completely submerged in what is reported to be 12 feet deep of water.

Alcohol adds additional risk for hypothermia. It expands the blood vessels, causing more heat loss. Alcohol also diminishes the body's ability to shiver and can affect a person's judgemental on how cold he or she is.

According to the Mayo Clinic, an intoxicated person in cold weather is likely to develop hypothermia.

There were no reported injuries.

Authorities used chainsaws to cut through the ice Sunday morning before using trained divers and a tow truck to pull the submerged truck from the water.

Video of the rescue can be seen below.