Ohio middle school investigated after alleged 'MAGA' bullying incident


OHIO – Police and school district officials are investigations of an alleged bullying incident involving a student at Jackson Memorial Middle School in Ohio.

In a report by CantonRep.com, the student, who is biracial, and a friend were surrounded by 10 boys who said they were "the wall." The children allegedly said, "this is MAGA country and that all black people should die." In a police report filed with the Jackson Township Police, the confrontation made the child fearful.

Police chief Mark Brink said his department's Detective Bureau is working with school officials to interview that can provide information. "School safety continues to be a priority at Jackson Schools," said Superintendent Chris DiLoreto.

Chief Brink said that there is video from the school cafeteria, recorded with school security equipment, that will be reviewed as part of the investigation. The mother of the child met with school officials Wednesday afternoon and watched the surveillance video. She believes the video shows that her child is being truthful.

The child's mother said that the child had been bullied in the past, but not to the extent that occurred on Tuesday

The mother – an Army veteran – posed on Facebook about the incident Tuesday night after talking to school officials and the police. As of Wednesday afternoon, the post ad drawn more than 3,500 comments and been shared more than 2,300 times.

Because the child's race was mentioned during the incident, the mother sought assistance from the FBI and the NAACP. 

The mother said the boys who bullied her child used the phrase "Trump country" multiple times as well as MAGA. The mother said her child was not familiar with MAGA.

"We need to put our foot down and stop this abuse because this bullying is getting out of control," the child's mother said.