Disabled Roseville handyman has new $900 bike stolen moments after buying it

George McCloskey saved for year to buy bike

A thief stole a handyman's bike moments after he bought it.

ROSEVILLE, Mich. – George McCloskey saved for a year to buy a new bike.

McCloskey is a disabled handyman who depends on a bike to get around. When he rode his $900 new bike to a Roseville gas station after buying it Thursday, someone rode up on another bike and stole it.

McCloskey said he was still paying for the bike, so he couldn't afford a lock for it yet.

"I had the bike, proud, came over here, parked it -- 20 seconds later, it's gone," McCloskey said.

Jennifer Curl doesn't know McCloskey, but she was heartbroken about his stolen bike and walked for hours trying to find it.

There's been a push on social media to find the bike or try to get McCloskey a new bike.


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