Detroit man believes he contracted illness that hospitalized him while in Dominican Republic

8 Americans have mysteriously died in the DR

Detroit man becomes ill while visiting Dominican Republic

DETROIT – A Detroit man who traveled to the Dominican Republic in May believes he contracted something that left him critically ill.

Eight Americans have died mysteriously while vacationing in the Dominican Republic this year.

Alejandro AJ Jones travels to the DR often and didn't cancel his trip despite hearing about the Americans getting sick.

He said he was dealing with constant sickness several days into his nine day trip to Puerta Plata.

"I would get up and just fall," he said.

When he got to Harper Hospital in Detroit last month, doctors told him he was only getting 10 percent f the oxygen he needed. Jones spent four days in the intensive care unit.

"I never thought nothing about it but as I got sicker, I said something wasn't right," Jones said. "My doctors said something happened over there and it took its toll."

Jones said he couldn't move or speak, but doctors don't know what caused him to be so critically ill. His wife contacted federal authorities to document his case.