What's in your water? Here's how to find out

While water testing is openly available in some places, it's not in others.

Southeast Michigan watched in horror as Flint's lead levels spiked and the state dropped the ball on managing the situation. Some wondered if there was a bigger problem.

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Homes built before 1980 are likely to have a lead service line from the water line to the street, and that could be the main cause of the trouble.

A stopgap measure in Highland Park is for residents to run their water for two to five minutes before using it.

Residents who want their water tested should call the entity where they pay their water bill and ask if they can get it tested. Some communities will offer the testing for free.

The state of Michigan offers testing for a full spectrum of concerns. You can get test kits from the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes and Energy sent to your home.

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If you live in Highland Park and want your tap water tested, call 313-865-1876.

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