City Council candidate withdraws after saying she wants to keep Marysville 'a white community'

Jean Cramer withdraws name from November election

Jean Cramer. (WDIV)
Jean Cramer. (WDIV)

MARYSVILLE, Mich. – A candidate for Marysville City Council has withdrawn from the race amid outrage over her saying she wants to keep the city "a white community."

Jean Cramer has submitted a letter in writing to withdraw her name from the November City Council election, Local 4 confirmed.

Her name will remain on the ballot because she withdrew after the April deadline to be excluded from the ballot.

The mayor of Marysville was among many people to call for Cramer to withdraw from the race over what she said about interracial marriages and race at a forum.

Mayor Dan Damman is in his third term and isn't up for election, but he denounced Cramer's comments.

READCity Council candidate says she wants to keep 'Marysville a white community'

"My suggestion is to keep Marysville white and keep foreign-born out," Cramer said during a forum Thursday night.

Other candidates strongly disagreed with her. On Friday, Cramer wanted to clarify her statement.

"Mixed marriage, that's what's wrong," she said. "I have no problem with black people."

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