Police shut down 3,000-person game of hide-and-seek at Ikea


SCOTLAND – If you're going to plan a hide-and-seek event at a store, Ikea is probably the best place to do it, right?

Well, in Glasgow, Scotland, a group of about 3,000 tried to do just that. The Scotsman reports police were called after thousands of people threatened to turn up for a mass game of hide-and-seek at the furniture store.

Staff at the shopping center became aware of a Facebook thread suggesting some 3,000 youths were about to descend on the store.

As well as drafting in extra security, Ikea contacted Police Scotland, who dispatched five officers, The Scotsman reports.

Throughout the afternoon, groups of youths who looked like they were only there for the game were turned away from the shop.

Word spread on social media of the crackdown and folks stopped showing up.

Nice try, everyone! 


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