Newly released recording alleges Warren Mayor Fouts threatened to shoot former chief of staff

Fouts allegedly recorded threatening former chief of staff

WARREN, Mich. – Another secret recording purporting to be of Warren Mayor Jim Fouts has been released.

"I've got that f------ Henry. I'd like to take a two by four and I'd like to beat the f------ sh-- out of him. That's what I'd like to do. I'd like to beat the f------ sh-- out of him. I'd like to take a gun and shoot him through the f------ head."

The Henry that is being referred to is Fouts former Chief of Staff Henry Krzystowczyk, who passed away earlier this year. Local 4 took the recording to Primeau Forensics to determine whether this is or is not Fouts.

"The biometric measurement program came back and said, 'Yes,' the speakers in both of these recordings is the same," Ed Primeau said.

Primeau compared the newly released tape against a recording that is confirmed to be Fouts. It was tested three times for forensic analysis. According to Primeau, the likelihood the new tape is Fouts is 99.3 percent.

Secret recordings of Fouts have been leaking out of Warren City Hall since 2013. Tuesday's tape is similar to one recorded by a former top Fouts appointee, who turned it over to Michigan State Police because the mayor was threatening to beat and shoot two former city employees. Fouts admitted it was him in that tape.

The rest of the leaked tapes have been done so anonymously and not sent to police. Fouts has claimed the tapes are manufactured.

Primeau has confirmed multiple past secret tapes are Fouts. 

Fouts declined a request for an interview.

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