What the Michigan man accused of murder wife by spiking cereal with heroin said in deposition

GENESEE COUNTY, Mich. – A Michigan man has been charged with murder after allegedly killing his wife by spiking her cereal with heroin.

Jason Harris, 44, spoke under oath about the hours leading up to his wife's death. He is expected to be in court Tuesday for the start of a preliminary hearing in the murder of his wife, Christy Ann Thompson Harris.

Local 4 Defenders obtained the deposition he took part in during a wrongful death civil lawsuit that was filed against him after her death.

His wife was found dead in the master bedroom of their Davison home in September of 2014. Her death was originally ruled an accidental overdose. FIve years passed before prosecutors announced charges against her husband.

"We believe he put heroin in her cereal and milk the night she died," Genesee County prosecutor David Leyton said.

Before he was charged with murder, the woman's family filed a wrongful death lawsuit. Jason Harris was deposed under oath.

Below is a transcript:

Gibbs: And you sent sexual messages to her?

Harris: Yes

Gibbs: And you disclosed this at some point to your wife?

Harris: Yes.

Gibbs: When did you disclose it to Christine?

Harris: As soon as she asked about them. She asked what the number was and I told her.

Harris also admitted what he said about divorcing the victim.

Harris: I think it came up as an option for the whole theory of living in a perfect world.

He was questioned about money problems in his marriage.

Gibbs: What was the reason for filing bankruptcy

Harris: Because we were well over our head.

He was questioned about hiring a hitman to kill his wife.

Gibbs: Did you ever request that Mr. Schustock kill your wife?

Harris: No.

Gibbs: And, if he said you did; he would be either lying or mistaken?

Harris: No. He would be lying.

Harris also spoke about what happened inside his Davison home while the couple's two children slept, the night before his wife died. Prosecutors say Harris spiked her cereal with heroin that night.

Gibbs: When you went to bed that night, you weren't concerned that anything was wrong?

Harris: Nope

Gibbs: Did you notice anything out of the ordinary?

Harris: Other than her falling asleep when pumping, she got hungry; I made her up a bowl of cereal. That's what she asked for. I know she was sitting in the chair, dropped the spoon.

Gibbs: Nothing out of the ordinary

Gibbs: Nobody else made a video of anything in the house that night?

Harris: No, I don't believe so.

Harris left early for work the next day.

Gibbs: When you left, she was alive?

Harris: Correct

A neighbor then found his wife dead in her bed after Harris called the neighbor, asking her to check on Christy. At that time, Christy's death was ruled an accidental overdose.

Gibbs: You had nothing to do with your wife's death, right?

Harris: Correct

Gibbs: So why not talk to the police?

Harris: Why? I mean, I told them everything I knew at the time.

Harris then admitted to moving another woman into his home weeks after his wife died.

Gibbs: When did she move into the house with you?

Harris: Right before Halloween ... So, two, three, days before Halloween of 2014

Gibbs: So was that in the same month of the funeral for Christina Harris?

Harris: Yes

The accused murderer then spoke about his wife's life insurance which he received.

Gibbs: So the check you received altogether was about $150,000. Is that correct?

Harris: Roughly, yes.

Gibbs: And you used that to pay off your student loans?

Harris: Yes-

Gibbs: How did you feel after your wife died?

Harris: It's kind of a strange question but a little confused, very hurt. It was devastating. It was rough. I was very sad.

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