On this day in 1907: Feigenson brothers introduce first version of Faygo pop in Detroit

Feigenson Brothers Bottling Works later shortened to ‘Faygo’

Packages of Faygo pop
Packages of Faygo pop

DETROIT – Ben and Perry Feigenson introduced the first version of what would become a Detroit staple on Nov. 4, 1907, when the bakers created a beverage based off their frosting flavors.

According to the Detroit Historical Society, fruit punch, grape and strawberry flavors were added to soda water that the brothers would sell out of the back of a wagon for 3 cents a bottle or two for 5 cents.

As the drink business grew, the brothers bought another horse to make more deliveries and began hiring employees in the 1910s.

During this time, Lithiated Lemon and Sassafras Soda, a root beer, were released. The brothers also started referring to the drinks as pop because of the sound the bottles made when opened.

Rock & Rye, Vanilla and Seltzer would appear in the 1920s.

The beverage was sold under the name Feigenson Brothers Bottling Works until 1920, when the company was changed to the Feigenson Brothers Company. The next year, the brothers decided the name was too long to put on glass bottles, and shortened it to Faygo.

Faygo is made at 3579 Gratiot Avenue on Detroit’s east side, the same place it has been produced since 1935.

There are now more than 50 Faygo flavors available.

Check out a commercial from the 1970s featuring the Faygo Boat song below. The song was so popular, it was pressed onto records, and 75,000 copes were sold.

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