Michigan firearm deer hunting season starts today: What to know

Firearm deer hunting season starts Friday in the state of Michigan.

The Michigan DNR released some helpful information for those who plan on hunting this season.

Firearm deer season in Michigan:

For a lot of residents, Nov. 15 ranks up there with major holidays. Gathering with family and friends for the firearm deer season opener is a time-honored tradition in many Michigan families, built around the excitement and fun of enjoying time in the state’s great outdoors.

Some hunters share their love of deer hunting by introducing someone new to the sport. Mentored youth hunting licenses are available to kids 9 and younger, while apprentice hunting licenses are available to those 10 and older who haven’t yet completed a hunter safety education course. Learn more about these options at Michigan.gov/MentoredHunting.

This tradition is economically important, too. More than 500,000 hunters pursued deer in Michigan during the 2018 hunting seasons, providing critical license revenue that supports wildlife conservation efforts. All of Michigan’s hunting seasons – from deer and elk to waterfowl and rabbit – contribute nearly $9 billion a year to the state’s economy.

All hunters are encouraged to review the 2019 deer hunting regulations, found in the Hunting Digest or at Michigan.gov/Deer. Key changes this season include:

Hunters can take deer to a DNR deer check station to earn a successful hunter patch. Visit Michigan.gov/DeerCheck for locations of check stations and drop boxes. (Click an individual location to see if it offers deer check, drop box or both.)

Questions? Contact the DNR Wildlife Division at 517-284-9453.