Licenses associated with Cantrell Funeral Home revoked

Funeral home previously sued for multiple violations

Cantrell Funeral Home in Detroit (WDIV)
Cantrell Funeral Home in Detroit (WDIV)

LANSING, Mich. – On Oct. 24, the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs issued final orders revoking three licenses associated with the Cantrell Funeral Home in Detroit.

Final Orders were issued against the mortuary science licenses of:

• Cantrell Funeral Home, Inc.

• Raymond Cantrell II, Cantrell’s last known Resident Agent and Director

• Jameca Boone, Cantrell’s last known manager

All three of the licensees entered into settlement agreements with LARA that were approved by the Board of Examiners in Mortuary Science.

The Final Order against the establishment’s license revoked it for a minimum of ten years and required it to pay a $115,000 administrative fine within one year.

The Final Order against Raymond Cantrell II’s lapsed license revoked it for a minimum of ten years and required him to pay half the costs of $11,480 in restitution to the State of Michigan before seeking license reinstatement, reflecting the actual costs to store bodies and cremated remains pending their final resting places.

The Final Order against Jameca Boone’s license revoked the license for a minimum of three years and required her to pay the other half of the costs of $11,480 in restitution to the State before seeking the reinstatement of her license.

These actions were taken after LARA summarily suspended Cantrell’s and its manager’s licenses on April 25, 2018, based on deplorable conditions found at the establishment by inspectors and its failure to deposit funds received for prepaid funeral goods or services with an authorized escrow agent. Both Ellis Memorial Funeral Home in Detroit and Kemp Funeral Home & Cremation Services LLC in Southfield assisted the families of loved ones in achieving final dispositions in the immediate aftermath of Cantrell’s closure.