Macomb County man jailed after $6 million goes missing from mother’s bank account

MACOMB COUNTY, Mich. – Fred Smith was put in charge of his mother’s affairs and now her lawyers are looking into where all of her money went -- around $6 million is missing.

There used to be a motorcycle shop at 16 Mile road and Groesbeck Highway in Clinton Township -- but now there’s a machining and electric company. Fred Smith bought the motorcycle company with his mother’s money and her attorneys want to know how that happened and what happened to her money.

Smith is in the Macomb County jail because he’s not willing to come clean about his mother’s money. Probate judges have asked him repeatedly over four years to provide the information.

Attorney George Heitman believes Smith made mystery purchases in five states: Florida, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Virginia and California.

“He’s in control of his own destiny all he had to do was what the law requires him to do when you serve as a fiduciary. You have to account for the money of which you have been entrusted,” Heitman said.

Smith’s mother removed him as a trustee of her trust and took away his power of attorney four years ago. SHe’s 92 and lives at a Bruce Township home. She is currently living in a nearby nursing home as they renovate her home to accommodate a wheelchair.

“We need to make certain that her money is well cared for, it’s her money, not his money,” Heitman said.

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