Michigan Supreme Court Justice Richard Bernstein speaks on being in Israel amid violence

Bernstein working on Abraham Accords to help those with disabilities, still tending to Supreme Court duties virtually

Spending the night in a bomb shelter: Justice Richard Bernstein in Israel amid violence

In midst of the conflict in Israel, Michigan State Supreme Court Justice Richard Bernstein is there working on portions of the Abraham Accords to try to make life better for people with disabilities.

With the Supreme Court working virtually, Bernstein figured he could work wherever he had internet connection. But while Israel is a high-tech haven, it’s also a war zone at this time.

Local 4 caught up with Bernstein as he was making his nightly trip to the bomb shelter in his building in Tel Aviv.

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“We have to move a little quick because the missiles start coming at 11 p.m.-(midnight),” Bernstein said. “It gets pretty intense.”

Israel’s vaunted Iron Dome is knocking most of the inbound missiles out of the sky but that doesn’t mean that there is not an impact.

“Where you really feel it is when the Iron Dome impacts with the incoming missile and the entire building shakes. It just shakes, it’s a very violent shake and it just goes on and on and on,” he said. “You feel it literally kind of in your entire spirit.”

Whatever the danger, Bernstein said it’s worth it. Despite the violence, he believes the work on the Abraham Accords signed last summer is stronger than the missiles.

“Through the Abraham Accords, a cornerstone has been laid and I really believe a window, even though it’s facing some challenges right now, is going to remain open and this is going to move forward,” he said.

When it comes to criticism of a state justice putting himself in harm’s way, Bernstein said he is tending to his Supreme Court duties but cannot pass up a chance at making a difference for people with disabilities.

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