Bigfoot spotted in Detroit?

Family claims they spotted creature

By Ian Vickers - Producer

DETROIT - Detroit's plethora of abandoned homes may be the perfect place for a 7-foot tall, hair-covered humanoid to hang out.

Before details are divulged, know this isn't the first time a Bigfoot-related sighting has been made in the Motor City.

In 1994, witnesses reported finding footprints in a snow covered lot. The footprints were about two-feet long and two-feet wide.

Last Thursday, according to Cryptozoology News, a Detroit man named C. Brown was driving with his wife and two children in the outskirts of Detroit.

The family was looking for a new home.

After they decided to call it a day, Brown's wife spotted something unusual on their way home. She saw something moving inside an abandoned home with broken windows.

The family's car came to a stop, and that's when they saw a big, hairy arm reaching out the window. It was attached to what Brown described as a big monkey with a stick and a human looking face.

The family quickly drove away.

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