Blissfield Middle School student's mother protests yearbook photo

Special needs student's mother protests daughter's photo in Blissfield Middle School yearbook

BLISSFIELD, Mich. - The mother of a Blissfield Middle School special education student said a photo in the school yearbook is inappropriate and offensive.

Millie Mullins is upset over a photo of her 15-year-old daughter, Maddie, a 9th-grader with special needs. Mullins said the photo makes it look like a teacher is yelling at Maddie.

"I think it depicts her in a way no parent wants their child shown," Mullins said.

Mullins said Maddie's school picture is also shown out of alphabetical order in the yearbook.

"My kid is being picked on because she has a disability," Mullins said.

Blissfield Schools superintendent Scott Moellenberndt said that is not the case.

"There was no malice or inappropriate intent to discriminate against this child," Moellenberndt said.

He added that other students had their photos out of alphabetical order in the yearbook.

"I apologize that it has gone to this extent, that it is being  perceived as something that, it was perceived an act of goodwill on behalf of everyone involved," Moellenberndt said.

Millie Mullins is not satisfied. She wants something done.

"It's wrong to treat kids like this. I mean, no one would want their kids represented like this in a school yearbook," Mullins said.

Millie Mullins wants Blissfield Middle School to recall the 100 yearbooks that were printed. He said she believes her daughter's civil rights are being violated.

If that is not done, Mullins said she might take legal action.

-- Blissfield is about 35 miles west of Monroe.

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