Mother’s ashes recovered after being swept away during Midland floods

'This is what I needed. I needed that,'

When the village of Sanford was hit by massive flooding in May, Kathy Parsch set out to find her mother’s ashes.

ORIGINAL STORY: Sanford woman kayaks to floating home swept away by flood to recover mother’s ashes

Surrounded by unthinkable destruction, there wasn’t a dry eye as Parsch’s ashes were pulled from mud.

Parsch thought she would never find them. He home was hit by a wall of water when the dams failed in May.

She was joined by friends on kayaks to paddle through the wreckage to find Parsch’s home in a river. After visiting the house seven times, Parsch couldn’t find her mother’s ashes.

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“It was perfect timing, I guess,” Parsch said.

Her mother’s ashes were found the day before Sanford officials would start scooping up debris to haul away.

“This is what I needed. I needed that,” Parsch said. “Something so little, I can’t describe. It’s just overwhelming.

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