Detroit murder victim's past leads to more questions

Tiane Brown filed protection order against ex-husband in 2007, case was dismissed

By Rod Meloni - Reporter, CFP ®

DETROIT - Shortly after Tiane Brown's body was discovered at the Packard Plant Wednesday Local 4 News learned Detroit police were following her cell phone and it was not at the plant.

Sources tell Local 4 that two young men said they had found her body in her SUV and claim to have taken her money and her cell phone and left.  They were picked up not long thereafter.

Both men are still in custody and being questioned, but have not been charged with any crime.

Meantime, Local 4 discovered records in the Oakland County clerk's office: A request for a personal protection order from 2007.  In the paperwork, in her own handwriting, Tiane talked about how her ex-husband Toriona Sims was stalking her, had threatened to kill her and whomever she was dating, was violent with her (beating her on numerous occasions) and threatened to take their young daughter out of state in violation of their custody arrangement.

It is important to point out these allegations never led to any prosecution or even a personal protection order.

When it came time for the court hearing on the protection order neither Brown nor Sims showed up for the hearing and the judge dismissed the case.

Those same police sources told Local 4 News they are suspicious of Brown's ex-husband and would like him to take a lie detector test.   

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