Detroit Police Officers Association seeks another injunction against city

Detroit police union wants to stop 12-hour shifts, pay cuts

DETROIT - The Detroit Police Officers Association is going to court against the city.

The DPOA is seeking an injunction against the recent changes implemented in the Detroit Police Department, notably 12-hour shifts for officers and a 10 percent pay cut.

Wayne County Circuit Court Judge Kathleen Macdonald last month denied a previous injunction request by the DPOA, but they are appealing it.

An attorney on Tuesday made an implication that Macdonald's ruling compromised public safety.

"Officers are leaving. Five have left since this court order. Public safety is being compromised, blood is being shed on the streets. Since the court order, 32 people have been murdered," the attorney said.

Macdonald fired back by saying, "They were not murdered because of my order and I resent the fact that you would even imply that."

The shifts started Monday and officers work two weeks and have the next 14 days off.

The $75 million in police pay cuts is designed to help the city cut into a budget deficit that once stood at more than $300 million.

Other city workers also have taken pay cuts.

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