Frustration mounting over potholes in Metro Detroit

Infrastructure weakening in Metro Detroit roads

SOUTHFIELD, Mich. - Patching crews are on the move around Metro Detroit, but the amount of wear and tear on the roads is difficult to keep up with. The potholes are enough to do real, lasting damage to the vehicles of local drivers.

The sub-zero temperatures, snow, and subsequent thaw have left roads extremely hazardous around Detroit.

Macomb County has sent out extra crews for the week that are trying to combat the worst of these potholes, doing what they call a 'cold patch.'

"It has a slow cure asphalt cement in it and it is just a temporary patch," said Bob Hoepfner, Director at Macomb County Commission. "We can do it in inclement weather, we can do it quickly, but it doesn't last forever."

The bigger issue, after temporarily patching up the holes for the winter, is actually fixing the infrastructure.

Around this time last year, Governor Rick Snyder's big push for 2013 was fixing the crumbling roads. He proposed raising vehicle registration fees and raising the gasoline tax to do it, but the idea didn't get the support it needed.

This year, the potholes are even worse heading towards Spring. Though polls have shown that the people of Detroit think the infrastructure needs work, they believe the money should come from the money legislature already gets, rather than raised taxes.

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