Interview Postponed In 1970s Child Slayings Probe

Man Believes His Father Could Be Responsible

Local detectives who planned to interview an inmate in an Indiana prison Wednesday regarding the 1970s child slayings in Oakland County have rescheduled their visit, according to Rescue 4 Undercover.

Detectives planned to interview Michael Grant, 65, a convicted child killer who lived in Oakland County at the time of the infamous child murders, the station reported. Investigators also planned to ask Grant for his DNA, Rescue 4 reported.

Grant's son, Chip St. Clair, said he believes his father could be responsible for the 1970s child slayings in Oakland County.

"There's a lot of pictures that may indicate I might have been kidnapped, there's another child may have been murdered," said St. Clair.

St. Clair remembered his father as a decorated war hero, and also recalled violence in his house, Rescue 4 reported.

St. Clair said his father once asked him what he would say if he found out he was kidnapped and that Grant was in prison, according to Rescue 4. Ten years after that statement, St. Clair started to discover more about his father. Grant was arrested on a domestic violence charge and his fingerprints were run. Police revealed following his arrest that Grant -- who at the time was known as David St. Clair -- was allegedly living under a false name for 25 years and had a past to hide after allegedly killing a child, according to Rescue 4 Undercover and The Associated Press.

Prison officials decided to reschedule the visit with Grant on Wednesday because of the media spotlight, the station reported.

Sources told Rescue 4 reporter Karen Drew that Michigan detectives will head back to Indiana in the next few weeks.

The slayings of four children, whose bodies were also left along a roadside, have remained a mystery for 30 years, Local 4 reported. The victims include Timothy King, 11, who was kidnapped on March 16, 1977, outside a Birmingham pharmacy; Mark Stebbins, 12, who was abducted while walking to his Ferndale home in February 1976; Jill Robinson, 12, of Royal Oak, who disappeared on Dec. 22, 1976; and Kristin Mihelich, 10, who was abducted 11 days later from a convenience store in Berkley, according to Local 4 reports.

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