Local 4 Defenders learn of more Joe Gentz prison problems

Trouble could complicate murder trial for Bob Bashara

By Hank Winchester - Reporter

DETROIT - Local 4 Defenders have learned that admitted murderer Joe Gentz has been having problems in prison.

Documents obtained by the Defenders say Gentz has been written up in prison for threatening behavior and disobeying orders.

The latest incident involved horseshoes.

Gentz  reportedly walked out of a storage shed carrying the horseshoes, and when he was told to drop them, Gentz allegedly got into a boxing stance and began swearing.

The incident which took place late last year is being reviewed and could affect his security status.

Gentz could find he will be allowed less time out of his cell or get fewer visits from his attorney.

Gentz has previously been written up for bad behavior in prison.

This pattern of behavior could mean Gentz would be viewed as an unreliable witness at the upcoming murder trial of Bob Bashara.

Gentz pleaded guilty to second degree murder charges for the killing of Jane Bashara.  He has said repeatedly that Bob Bashara arranged with him to kill Bashara's wife.

Bob Bashara is already in prison for attempting to hire a hit man to kill Gentz.

Bashara's trial is scheduled to begin in March.

Bob Bashara has complained to the courts that he needs access to laptop computers to review evidence in the case.  His requests have been denied.  Bashara is also having problems with the attorneys representing him.

These latest developments involving Joe Gentz and Bob Bashara suggest the case of the murder of Jane Bashara will continue for many more months to come.

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