New victim comes forward in De La Salle hazing investigation

WARREN, Mich. – A new victim has come forward in the investigation into hazing at Warren De La Salle.

A family came forward after being unhappy with Tuesday’s decision by prosecutors that there wasn’t enough evidence to take the case to court.

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Warren’s police commissioner Bill Dwyer made it abundantly clear that the investigation into the alleged football hazing incident is still open.

Just hours after the St. Clair County prosecutor said that criminal charges wouldn’t be brought due to evidence being destroyed and the investigation was hindered, the family of a De La Salle football player contacted Warren police. The family said their son was victimized during the reported hazing incident and that they were willing to talk to police.

An official report is expected to be made Wednesday.

This development is big for investigators, who said it is exactly what they needed from the start. It will be the first time they have been able to talk to a victim about exactly what happened and who was involved.

The other alleged victims refused to speak to investigators.


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