Broker Check: How to find detailed information about investment advisor and firm

To protect yourself and your investments, you want to interview the investment adviser you’re considering.

Find one you like and vet him or her through BrokerCheck.finra.org.

The website is free to use with the central data base published by The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority.

There, you’ll find detailed information about the adviser and his or her firm and their qualifications and licenses. You’ll also be able to find any criminal, regulatory, civil or judicial problems alongside customer complaints.

Now you may think this isn’t very important but consider this: Recently in Macomb County, an investment adviser went to prison for stealing millions from his clients.

One of the victims admitted as he sobbed on the stand at the sentencing. A look through Brokerinvestment.finra.org would’ve saved him a lot of money and heartbreak because the information was readily available.


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