Why you should start a 529 plan for your kid

New regulations expanded 529 plans for K-12

Why you should start a 529 plan
Why you should start a 529 plan

If you want to keep educating your kids, a 529 plan is a fantastic option.

A 529 plan is a higher education savings vehicle used with tax deferrred investment.

You might now know this, but the 2018 tax law expanded 529 plans so now it can apply to primary and secondary education at public, private or religious institutions.

You can now take out u to $10,000 to pay for private school tuition, books in K-12. Assets and plans can be transferred to family once the receiver doesn’t need the money anymore.

This plan was also expanded to special needs students under the Able Act. This allows for spending to not inferesocial security, medicaid or private insurance

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