Rest a sheared, you’re not alone with hair woes

Better days ahead for us all

Coronavirus Text Exchange members shared photos of their quarantine hair on May 19, 2020.
Coronavirus Text Exchange members shared photos of their quarantine hair on May 19, 2020. (WDIV)

Most of us are struggling with our hair these days. With salons and barbershops shut down, we’re left to our own, usually dull, devices to tame the mane.

Local 4 reporters and anchors shared their hair routines these days with Steve Garagiola this week. We then asked the Coronavirus Text Exchange group how they’re managing their hair as we head into week 12 of the stay home order across Michigan. Here are the comments — and a few photos — people texted. Want to join the text conversation? Use the form below.

Hair Pics

‘I need a haircut!’: Users get to the root of the problem

“I almost never get my hair cut or do much of anything to it on a regular basis. I decided to get highlights a few months before the shutdown (of course). Now the highlights are growing out, so I’m in need of a touch up for my roots. My trick is to tilt the webcam down so you cant see how dark the top is verse how light the bottom is 😂”

“It is long, but not as long as it was in 2008, when I was in a rock band named Myth Not Man. It was just under my shoulders then. I don’t mind growing this out, as my health and safety and the health and safety of my family is more important to me than how long my hair gets or how wild it looks in humidity. Plus long hair can be a fun look.” -Matthew, Harper Woods

“I cut my own bangs! It's looking alright tbh.” -Karly G

“I need a haircut!”

“Not good mostly wearing a ponytail.” -LK

“My hair is the longest since college!”

“I'm going to Sylvania, Ohio. Can't face friends with my horrible hair.”

“Needs coloring bad.”

“My hair has never looked better!”

“Not doing too great over here either, Steve 😩😩😩”

“Headbands do wonders!”

“My hair looks like trash! Oops, broke the camera that's how bad it is!”

“Mom & I from braids in mid March to having to wear the unbraided look. After washing on my own you have the first look or last depending on the loading process”

“I've been trimming my own bangs and letting rest go for now.”

“Pretty long Trimmed my bangs Just living the dream It will be ok Pretty sure we lived with unruly hair in the 70 I pretty sure no one really cares What your hair looks like Vanity people Vanity lol”

“My hair is fine - it grows slow and I don’t color it.”