Internships go digital during pandemic

Metro Detroit company offering students virtual intern experience this summer

Internships proven to be effective despite going virtual

DETROIT – “I really believe that this program in this format is coming to our region at exactly the right moment in time,” said Margaret Trimer of Delta Dental.

Internships are going digital. At the beginning of the pandemic a Metro Detroit company pivoted and will offer students a virtual intern experience this summer.

“You know, right now the world is in flux. Every company I know is coming back to the drawing board every week with something new that they have to wrestle through. So even for interns to understand and learn about the pivot process in the professional setting is going to put them worlds ahead,” said Trimer.

Forty top professionals and executives will spend a half hour five days a week this summer mentoring interns.

“You you hear all the time, like, oh, you need to get a mentor or whatever. But personally, I have found that like, it’s harder than that, like it takes time to find somebody that’s right for you. And that’s really going to make an impact on you,” said 20-year-old MSU student, Livvy Wiegel. She is studying packaging at MSU and looking into a career in cosmetics.

From workshops to boardroom meetings, interns will still be networking and asking questions, just via a screen.

“Now you got to know how to think on your feet, how to change in the moment and how to rethink your whole strategic plan. And do it again and again,” said Trimer.

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