Michigan universities trying to prevent deportation of international students

International students could be deported if university courses go 100% online

DETROIT – Wayne State and Oakland University will join the likes of Harvard, MIT and the University of Michigan in a fight to keep international students from being deported.

The White House said if colleges don’t reopen, international students will have to finish their studies online from their home countries. The universities are now creating in-person courses to keep talent in the U.S.

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Colleges and universities are now delving into the master class of accommodation. Rather than letting their international students be deported if schools to go a 100 percent online learning model -- they are figuring out how to make courses with the minimum bar of accommodation to keep those students visas safe.

Yue Zhuo, an international student from China, left her home country to become an educator at Oakland University. It came at a great expense to her family.

From her freshman year, to now, where she is about to work on and defend her PhD dissertation -- and today she’s at risk of it all disappearing because the Trump Administration has threatened to pull student visas and drop international students who don’t have an in-person course to attend.

She wouldn’t be able to go back to China to continue her work online because of government censorship. She would be blocked from even logging into the university’s student portal.

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