In-depth Ford survey reveals how COVID-19 pandemic has changed consumers’ values

Survey gauges consumer needs

Ford survey reveals how pandemic has changed consumers' values

DETROIT – Ford Motor Company conducted a global survey and released the results to the public.

It’s common for car companies to keep survey’s secret because it’s searching for a competitive advantage. In this case, the findings reflect changes brought on by COVID-19, so Ford decided to share the results.

The survey asks people in fourteen counties about a changing world, how consumers are reacting and gauge consumer needs and how they might be shifting.

Sheryl Conelly is Ford’s Global Consumer Trends Manager and told Local 4 why the survey exists.

“We will never be able to predict the future, but we do believe that if we keep a close eye on what’s happening and social technological economic, environmental, political arenas -- we can get a glimpse into what’s coming,” Connelly said.

The study found COVID-19 has greatly impacted everyone. Of the adults surveyed, 69 percent said they are overwhelmed by change. And 63 percent are more stressed than a year ago. And 80 percent said they need to take better care of their wellbeing.

One of the trends they discovered is more than half the people surveyed still aren’t certain about electric vehicles. They’re worried about range, and if there are enough charging stations. Considering electric vehicles will be rolling out in a few years, the auto companies know this is something they need to address.

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