Slows To Go offers bulk neighborhood meal deliveries

Family meal pack
Family meal pack (Slows To Go)

Slows To Go is offering to deliver their bulk family meal packs to local neighborhoods in metro Detroit and Grand Rapids.

The eatery’s Family Meal Pack feeds 4 to 6 people but there’s one catch - neighbors need to collaborate on the delivery. The store requires a minimum of 15 orders to come to your neighborhood, a place to park their van, and a point person to send the message out.

The person or group that “hosts” will receive one family pack free of charge or a commensurate dollar amount loaded on a Slows gift card.

If you represent a homeowner’s association that might be interested, contact Slows at or The same offer stands for a business that would allow Slows to use their parking lot in off hours.

See more information in their Facebook post below.

Thank you to everyone who ordered our Thanksgiving packages from Slows To Go & Slows Grand Rapids. We’ve already...

Posted by SLOWS BAR BQ on Wednesday, December 2, 2020

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