Cardiologists say iPhone 12 could pose danger to people with defibrillators, pacemakers

Henry Ford doctors warn iPhone 12 could be dangerous to some heart patients

DETROIT – Doctors at Henry Ford said that an iPhone 12 can pose dangers to people with an implanted defibrillators or pacemakers.

“Putting an iPhone in your pocket with an ICD at the simulator can potentially stop it from delivering therapy and prevents you from getting a lifesaving shock,” Dr. Joshua Greenberg said.

READ: Henry Ford doctors say iPhone 12 can disrupt defibrillators, pacemakers

A recent study found that the magnet in the iPhone 12 has the potential to stop the implanted device from working.

“When I first was reading about the new iPhone, they said the magnet was so strong, you could actually attach it to your refrigerator. So I’m thinking, you know, if this thing is strong enough to attach to a refrigerator. You know, I wonder what it would do to a potential device,” Dr. Greenberg said.

The study looked at the effect on pacemakers, but doctors are planning to look into the effect this new technology has on other common implantable devices. The biggest risk for the defibrillator comes into play when it’s needed most.

“We reproduced these results multiple times, and every time the iPhone was brought in close to the defibrillator the different little was deactivated,” added Dr. Singh.

It’s not just the iPhone 12 that doctors are concerned about. It’s any smartphone with magnetic charging capabilities or magnetic charging cases. Doctors said patients should keep those devices at least 6 inches away from their chest.

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