In-person learning resumes today at Detroit public schools

Detroit schools will accept students back into buildings, but many teachers opt not to return yet

A Detroit school classroom

DETROIT – In-person instruction is resuming Monday at Detroit Public Schools Community District buildings.

About 20,000 students have opted to return to the classroom amid the COVID-19 pandemic this spring. However, only about 20-30% of teachers have agreed to return.

Superintendent Dr. Nikolai Viti estimates only about 1,000 of the returning students will receive full face-to-face instruction right now.

“I do want to send them to school, but their teachers not going to be there so it’s a no-win for me, it’s a no-win at all. My goal is to keep them at home until the teachers become available and efficient to go back to school to start learning face-to-face with the children,” said Nicole Kimble, a DPSCD parent.

Children such as Kimble’s will remain home and learn virtually.

Teachers are being offered an incentive of $750 more per quarter if they return to in-person instruction.

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