Community cleans up Little League field targeted by vandals in St. Clair County

Michigan State Police are investigating

Community cleans up Little League field targeted by vandals

EMMETT, Mich. – Leanne Jasper thought it best to run by the Village of Emmett Park ball fields to make sure the concession stand had enough ice cream for all the Little League games Friday night.

However, vandals covered everything with expletives and even cut the power to the concession stand hoping to ruin the food. Instead, the community came together and cleaned up the mess in time for Friday night’s multiple Little League games with hundreds of kids.

“The amount of support we have from the community is amazing,” Leanne Jasper said.

After police came and catalogued all the damage, the Emmett Baseball League posted happened on their Facebook page. People started showing up.

“Everybody just wanted to help. We had school employees just down the road looking in the janitor’s closet for anything to help,” said Bob Jasper.

Three hours later, the mess was cleaned up and the games were on.

“That’s what Little League is all about, the community getting involved,” Bob Jasper said. “All this did was make everybody closer.”

Michigan State Police are investigating, and the vandals appear to have hit another park in a nearby community last week.

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