Plans for State Fair transit center in Detroit draw mixed reaction from neighbors

If approved, plans include transforming Dairy Cattle Building, demolishing historic Coliseum

Plans for State Fair transit center draw mixed reaction from neighbors

DETROIT – The Michigan State Fairgrounds may soon be the new home of the Detroit Department of Transportation transit center on Woodward Avenue.

If the plan is approved, the Dairy Cattle Building will be transformed and the historic Coliseum will be demolished.

“You see people here every day, selling, doing whatever they be doing. And if you have more people inside, maybe they’ll have more people there that can watch that,” said commuter Imani Jones.

A virtual town hall was held Thursday to discuss the new proposal.

“The decision of the location has already been done. That process has already passed,” said one official during the meeting.

Some are happy with the possibility of a bigger space, bathrooms, a waiting area and more changes.

“We need something happening over here,” said commuter Michael Newson.

“I think it might be more room, more space. Little bit more secure and safer for the people who’ve got to take the transit at night,” said commuter Malani Jackson.

However, others aren’t too keen on the idea of a place with such rich history being torn down.

“Why does the coliseum have to be demolished? Why does more of this history have to be destroyed?” one woman in the meeting.

“Why fix it? If it’s not broken, then why fix it?” said commuter Phillip Lloyd.

This will be a multi-million dollar project. None of the plans are set as these are just the early stages of development.

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