Celebrations in East Lansing turn violent after Michigan State win over Michigan

Videos of couch burning, destroying car go viral on social media after big rivalry football game

Some celebrations got a little out of hand in East Lansing following MSU's win over U-M.

EAST LANSING, Mich. – Violent victory celebrations at Cedar Village Apartments in East Lansing have become predictable over the years, and it was no different following Michigan State’s 37-33 win over Michigan on Saturday.

Multiple videos showing the mayhem went viral on social media.

One video of a couch burning in the middle of a street was viewed more than 287,000 times.

Another video showed a student sitting on a burning couch, and then catching on fire himself. That one was viewed over 150,000 times.

Then, there was another viral video of fans pushing over a parked car and kicking the windows in.

The rest of the night was calmer, with students seemingly getting it all out of their systems.

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