Warren family demands justice for dog killed in rottweiler attack

WARREN, Mich. – A Warren family is demanding justice after a rottweiler attacked and killed their dog.

Buttercup didn’t make it through, and the dog’s family said little has been done to address what happened.

Buttercup, a small dog, did not survive an attack by a rottweiler while out for a walk with her 15-year-old owner on a sidewalk along 14 Mile Road.

Despite complaints from Buttercup’s owners to city hall, little action was initially taken beyond ticketing the rottweiler’s owner.

However, following additional complaints, Warren police and animal control took custody of the rottweiler on Tuesday, and it remains in the animal control shelter. The owner of Buttercup has expressed intentions to pursue further legal action against the owner of the rottweiler.

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