AT&T service workers robbed in northwest Detroit neighborhood

AT&T workers fearful to service certain areas in Detroit, union president says

DETROIT - In just one week, there have been 10 robberies of AT&T service workers in the Six Mile and Evergreen roads neighborhood of northwest Detroit.

"They're scared. Afraid to go in certain areas," said CWA Union President Greg Streeby.

Streeby said the 10 incidents all involved AT&T Uverse service workers, also called technicians, getting robbed while out in the field. He said one technician found himself starring down the barrel of a gun on Thursday.

"A tech was approached by an individual with a gun who said, 'Give me your iPad,'" said Streeby.

The robberies occur after the technician parks his truck and goes inside a home to help a customer. The thieves smash the truck window, go inside and take expensive products, including iPads. Phones, laptops and other gadgets are among the stolen items.

Jim Simons has been a field technician with AT&T for more than 20 years. He loves his job but admits it can be dangerous.

"We are defenseless. We don't carry any weapons," Simons said. "Not allowed to."

The union suggests having another person accompany the tech and wait for them in the truck while they tend to customers.

AT&T is working on a solution.

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