Flooding concerns as snow continues to melt

Basements in Detroit homes filling with water as melting snow finds someplace to go

By Will Jones - Reporter , Shawn Verbruggen

DETROIT - After days of arctic weather, temperatures in the high 30s and low 40s never felt so good.  But with the combination of melting snow and rain on Saturday, drivers are now having to steer clear of small ponds on the roads.

The water has no where to go as many drains are still covered with snow.  Neighborhood streets across Detroit are still covered in snow and slush, leaving big pools of water behind as it melts.  Neighbors say if the city had plowed their streets, maybe the problem wouldn't be as bad.

"Our drain is all blocked, they've been blocked.  We haven't got no snow plowing since it snowed," says Melvin Hargrave.

The roads are not the only issue.  At Conner and Jefferson on Detroit's east side, a massive pothole sits in the middle of the road.  It's just one of the many potholes popping up across the area, making driving a real challenge.

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