Video captures robbery at National Coney Island on Mack Avenue

Men smash window, grab cash registers, TV at National Coney Island on Detroit, Grosse Pointe border

By Mara MacDonald - Reporter


The National Coney Island at Mack Avenue and Moross Road on the Detroit and Grosse Pointe border has been in business for 40 years. Owners never had a problem with thieves.

That changed about 3 a.m. Tuesday. Surveillance video from the restaurant shows men throw a rock through the front window as they bust into the restaurant. They spent 1 minute and 45 seconds tearing out the cash registers.

The video captured at least two of the suspects' faces. There were three of them in all. They bailed out of the restaurant, dragging the registers and a TV down Mack Avenue.

The good people who work at National showed up three hours later. They couldn't believe what had happened.

"It's unfortunate this thing has to happen, you know, to such a good place," said owner Billy Douveas. "It just looked like a whole disaster area. The first thing I did was I looked and I saw that the registers were missing. I looked over and saw the window was busted and the TV was missing."

Douveas and the rest of his team are putting out a plea for help catching the crooks.

"We hope to catch the thieves that broke into our nice establishment here," the owner said.

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